in which flickr fails me

(No, I don’t know what’s up with me and all the hat pictures lately, either.)

Does anyone know what’s going on over at Flickr? I don’t remember seeing any announcements about scheduled outages.

Tomorrow, then, I will try to post bazaar pictures, as well as some shots from our 4th of July picnic.


I finally finished those Coriolis socks I was working on- not that they were terribly difficult, Cat Bordhi’s patterns are genius- I just hate hate hate to weave in my ends.

I’m sorry for the crap photo on this one; I wanted to take a picture of them being worn, and in natural light, but it is just too damn hot to wear these outside just yet.

The Coriolis taught me two things:  1. I never want to knit top- down socks ever again, and 2. When the pattern calls for a specific bind- off, don’t be a tool and improvise, or you’ll have to rip back your knitting when the damn cuff threatens to cut off circulation to your foot.

The yarn was Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ Victoria (listed as aran on Ravelry, but more sport weight) in a colorway simply listed as “Special” — part of my select haul from this year’s MD Sheep and Wool festival. Gorgeous, shiny, sproingy but soft- easy to work with, wonderful stitch definition, and not a hint of dye ran when I washed/ blocked these.- I wholeheartedly recommend this yarn.

I just cast on for a second pair of Coriolis, actually- something shorter, with a wider band of travelling stitches, more like the Tibetan Socks. This time I’m using Mountain Colors’ Bearfoot, in the colorway Purple Mountain, which is soft and shiny- that’s from the mohair content, no doubt. I’ve only just started,  but I love the fabric so far.

I’m not sure what the sock craze is about- portability? Nearly- instant gratification? Tradition?  It doesn’t really matter. I’m completely caught up in it, either way. Who cares that it’s 100- plus degrees outside? Not me. I’ll wear them later, in the fall, all 1,397,971 pairs that I’m planning.

And I’m still trying to dream up a pattern that would do Gryphon’s Sea Socks yarn justice. I’m not sure what I’m doing, really- I’ve only ever made a few pairs of socks, why do I think I can design them? It’s something to obsess about, certainly. Trying to find a balance between the somewhat architectural details I want without diluting the colors of the yarn is a challenge that keeps me dreaming.

Trust me, these photos not doing that colorway right at all- photographing red/ orange tones in bad light never works out.

In my typical, non- monogamously knitting way I am still working on the Seraphim shawl, and Mr. Greenjeans arrived in the mail yesterday, begging to be finished up, too. I’ve promised myself that I’ll start no new projects until at least two of these are done, but I worry about my resolve. And to make sure everything takes absolutely forever to finish, I’m still spinning, too.

Mama E’s c*eye*ber fiber, superwash merino/ tencel blend, in Butterscotch, and on my Turkish spindle, some of her Maisie.

This is my first time using a Turkish spindle; am I wrapping the singles on in the right direction? Is there a right direction? I’m loving the idea of this, and as a bottom- whorl spindle this thing spins FOREVER, which is great, but between the half- hitch and worrying about my winding I’m not sure it’s for me. Thoughts?

And it’s far past my bedtime, so I’m off. Here’s hoping I have some sort of FO post in the near future, right? Anything would be an improvement over this list.

What are you all knitting/ spinning right now?

  One thought on “in which flickr fails me

  1. nicole
    July 5, 2008 at 3:57 am

    OMG those pictures are awesome.
    Designing your own socks: I did that with my first pair. Toe up with two cables running side by side on the top of the foot. Never finished them because I decided to crochet (!!) the “cuff” in contrasting yarn… They’re ankle socks and I don’t even know where they are right now. They are also bright Kermit green and the “cuff” is red. _Fuck me I’m a Ho_ red…
    Anyway. I have two bottom whorl spindles and no top whorls. They’re just not as available in Germany. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a top whorl spindle here. Love my bottom whorls. Your Turkish spindle looks fine to me. I don’t think there’s a wrong way to wrap yarn onto a spindle. As long as it’s not slipping and you can make yarn it’s obviously working.
    Where did you get that beauty? I really want one just like it now 😉
    So: Design your own sock, there’s nothing much that can go wrong. Worst Case Scenario: you have to rip it back.
    I’m sorry I’m so all over the place today. My Sara’s not sleeping so well lately, I think it’s the hot weather. She’s always been her own heater and right now she’s just really stressed by the time bedtime rolls around.
    I’m knitting a pair of socks for her. The first one was finished in 24 hours and the second one isn’t even at the heel yet. I wonder why 😉
    I’m taking a break from spinning, but I have some very nice self dyed silk/wool blend on my nicer spindle and on the nice but not perfect spindle I have some plied random wool as a test run to see how I like it. It’s from the sampler I got for my 31st birthday. There’s some lovely stuff in there and some horrible stuff. The horrible stuff is blocking my wheel. It’s grey wool that has long guard hair things that fall out while spinning and it’s awfully coarse and ugh. I hope it felts well because that’s what I’m going to do with it. A felted rug. Or something. god I hated spinning that stuff up. And I still have some left! Argh.
    Ok, this is getting too long for a comment. I’ll save some for an entry to my blog (yeah, right…)

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