in which I count my blessings

Dreadful day today- long, dull, unreasonably hot, frequently infuriating. Bad news for a friend, too, and I hate being away when the people I care about are taking flak. I am feeling so utterly negative, and for tonight I guess I’ve allowed myself to indulge; tomorrow I need to be back to myself so I can start looking for solutions again.


So: some more positive points about being here, which is really just another excuse for me to make al ist, one of my favorite comfort activities.

Things That Are Good Right Here and Now:

  • KBR hasn’t lost my laundry in a week
  • my Kindle is full of excellent reading
  • there is hot tea in my room whenever I want it
  • the mountains are still so damn gorgeous
  • turkey for dinner tonight
  • Abdulhai is still a charmer, even if he does like to put me on the spot with sudden Urdu conversations
  • I love my camera
  • Jason is coming out here soon
  • I have some completely awesome soap and lotion for tonight’s Late- Late Shower
  • Late- Late Showers kick ass
  • Wollmeise, 3 skeins of the stuff
  • little lavender sachets throughout my room
  • a good workout almost always makes me feel less angry, and I’m on my way to do that now
  • working with Billy every day, and on a team with people I know and like
  • Batman on 14 July
  • evenings on Bagram, big sky full of stars and no one around

There. That feels better.

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