in which today is a better day

No pictures today, still. Again. I apologize; I have ordered a camera and I’m sort of waiting in hopeful fidelity for her to arrive.

It’s embarrassing: I’m normally a Nikon girl- I love their sturdy DSLRs, meaty heavy cameras- but I found this amazing deal on a factory refurbished Canon. I am, it seems, rather easily converted.

All the camera geeks out there are reeling in shock. It’s one of those magical lines that one draws- you go for Canon or Nikon, and that’s it. It just sort of happens- you buy the body you like and then buy the lenses to go with it, and just don’t ever end up switching; why buy all new glass, really?

But damn. Damn. Look at this thing: 10.1 megapixels, for starters, a self- cleaning sensor, strong shutter speeds, very little start- up lag, and Canon does some beautiful lenses. I picked it up for a song.


There’s plenty to shoot- the team at least, and the mountains, my Coriolis and some more spinning, horrible terrible very bad camel spiders, you name it. I’m just… enjoying the anticipation.


Today is a better day.  Woke up at 7:30, full of sweet sleeping- in bliss, then worked with Billy; we had a smooth, simple workday. Some comic books showed up in the mail, and although KBR lost my laundry I was able to buy men’s boxer briefs in my size, which is shocking as there’s usually only XS and XXL in stock at the PX- so I can make it a few more days. Coffee was good and it was enchilada day at the chow hall; I talked to Jason for an hour on the phone and I think I’ve sussed out a good way to call home without constant service disruption. Oh! And tomorrow, I start on my shawl- the lovely Seraphim shawl (Ravelry, web), in Blue Moon’s Rook-y colorway. Many little things to be grateful for.

Tomorrow, another late wake- up, and hopefully a call home, if I can time it right. Maybe Billy’s synthesizer will come. Maybe Oberonda will have arrived. (Have I written about that yet? It’s  fun.) Maybe there will be roast turkey for lunch. Maybe I’ll get to go shopping with Derek. Either way, I’m here, and it’s all right, and I’m all right.


  One thought on “in which today is a better day

  1. nicole
    June 9, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Oh, I have camera and shawl envy now.
    I was a Minolta girl. And now I have my little canon PowerShot, and a non digital Pentax slr. But batteries for the Pentax are super expensive and developing film is, too. So the poor thing’s gathering dust…

  2. tw
    June 12, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    I have the XTI (and the original Digital Rebel) – you won’t regret your purchase. The grip is kind of small though – you might want to pick up the extended battery grip, it becomes much more comfortable to use.

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