in which I have a lovely day

Today was awesome because:

  • Today was payday.
  • I got to work at both locations today.
  • I had a bunch of really fun, successful interviews.
  • Today is Friday, which means Bazaar Day!
  • I bought a medium smoothie at Green Beans and they gave me a large instead, even after I pointed out the mistake.
  • My gray pants came in the mail.
  • I found the attachment for my pedometer thingy.
  • I talked to Jason and even though cell phone connectivity between Iraq and Afghanistan is terrible, it was wonderful to hear his voice again.
  • My Netflix arrived, which means we have movies for this weekend! (Eagle vs Shark and The Road To Wellville, in case you wondered.)
  • We went adventuring up on the north side for dinner.
  • Derek got some good news, and he needed it.
  • I bought myself a Fricke wheel and it should be here soonish.
  • I am nearly finished with the cuff on my Coriolis sock, even though it’s boring me to death.
  • We giggled and played all day, even when it was busy.
  • The season finale of Lost finially finished downloading.
  • I have a hammer.
  • Sam and I swapped sweet emails.
  • My knee suddenly feels completely okay.
  • I received the fourth and last of my badges today.
  • Finally got Wollmeise swap mailed out, as well as Gryphon’s pictures (and the shipping on G’s pics was free, hooray!)

What else is going on? We’re nearly one month down. My desktop countdown widget tells me there are 162 days until my midtour, and that’s exciting. It does’t seem like it’s been a month already.

All right, already. The pictures, then.

This is what Micky would look like as a very, very fresh zombie.

This is my second Coriolis sock in its beginning stages. Micky approves.

Billy (that’s Billy’s ass, there, see)- Billy tells me that this image indicates that he also approves of my fledgling sock.


This rat’s nest- that’s our cable and internet lines. That’s also why I’m not online for a few days at a time. Disaster, isn’t it?

Damnit, still haven’t updated the books list. This weekend, I promise. I’ve been reading some very good stuff lately.

Before I lose my connection…

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