in which we are now five

Ruth got in last night- safe, sound, and only a little jet- lagged. She’s a welcome addition, certainly. Now we just need Jason to get out here, already. Hooray for Happy Hour in Afghanistan!


I’ve been busy, of course. I know, I always say that, but it’s true. We work, and work, and then spend our off time stressing and planning; we’re the first team to work on this project, so we’re starting from scratch. The ex- military part of me just aches to call this an "opportunity to pioneer", but really, it’s too exhausting to make much fun of. If we want this to outlive our time here- and we do- then we need to get this right, and that means not missing anything, from problems to possibilities. By the time I settle in at night I just want to read, knit, and sleep.

And still; I’m happy. Very happy. I may have even told a friend recently that I felt fulfilled with my work lately, which hasn’t happened in over 2 years now, but only maybe; I’ll regret even implying that sort of thing tomorrow, as I’m dragging my sorry ass out of bed. I’m homesick and sore and dirty and in a near constant state of disgusting sweatiness, but I’m really, really happy.


So scattered tonight. I’m sorry. Trying to communicate and get into bed in the next 10 minutes.

Next to one of the places we work is the Foo Store. The Foo Store is, sadly, not run by Mr. T as the name implies, but is instead an office supply/ movie shop. There are boxed sets of television series (I smiled, seeing Deadwood on the shelves), some foreign anime and kung fu movies, and oddly enough stacks and stacks of movies that are fresh in theaters in the US. We all know it’s not legit, but there it is. The movies come in real DVD cases and look almost authentic until you start reading the desciptions on the back, which are really just reviews. My all time favorite has to be what’s written on the back of the much- hated Savage Grace. Some key excerpts from the blurb:

"Vastly overrated. Only redeeming quality of this film is the beautiful scenery…. this film depicts absolute dysfunction of individuals. The director misfires in his effort to portray humanity but does so only in terms of insanity. (I’m still not quite sure what that last sentence means to say.) This film is not courageous and only amateurish… I came away very disappointed."

That’s printed on the back, presumably meant to sell the movie. Amazing.

It’s all in the little pleasures out here, you know- silly DVD covers, haze- free days, long- distance pranks to play on spouses and bosses, free Girl Scout cookies. (Truth! Absolute truth! One box of Thin Mints, one box of Samoas in my room right now, praise those little green hearts.) Our world has expanded and simultaneously shrunk to about 8 miles of fenced- in US base; it’s the tiny eccentricities that tickle the most.

It’s good. I’m good. We’re good.

  One thought on “in which we are now five

  1. Terry Hansen
    June 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Hi to Ruth! And thanks to you Sarah for doing the blog. Love your style.

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