in which i indulge in my obsession for lists

When I first moved to the DC/ Baltimore area in 2002 I would never have believed I could miss the place so much. If you told me I could get half- teary- eyed over an image of the smokestack that reads "BALTIMORE" off of I-95 I would have laughed and laughed and laughed so more. And yet.

I fell some serious hard for Baltimore.

To be utterly American, a list of some of the non- family things that I miss.

  • real toilets (that I can stay inside to use!)
  • baths and private showers
  • choosing/ cooking my own food
  • Happy Hour
  • Spin- ins on the Eastern Shore
  • Saturday nights at Spinster
  • days off
  • holidays
  • sick days
  • 8- hour days
  • driving
  • singing loudly while diving
  • having the privacy to sing, ever
  • humidity (that one is a surprise)
  • natural bodies of water
  • alcohol

Let’s balance that, some. When I leave here, I’m going to miss some things, too.

  • big sky sunsets
  • mountains
  • walking to everything in my life
  • living with very few possessions
  • living in a very small space (yes, really)
  • crazy sudden rainstorms that come fast like a surprise party, big fat drops
  • feeling like my work might be making a positive impact in other lives
  • walking to a breakfast cooked for me
  • free food
  • stars, hundreds of them
  • being surrounded by people who speak something other than English
  • the way dry heat feels, clean and invigorating
  • gym time
  • dancing to Aretha in my 10×10 room as soon as I get out of bed in the morning
  • working with people from all over the world
  • the communal coffee space in the evenings

Assorted, unorganized sundry thoughts (nearly another list, but not quite):

I started watching The Wire. Upsettingly enough, it makes me homesick. What the hell? Had to shut it off.

I’m currently listening to The Cat Empire’s The Night That Never Ends, my favorite song of the week. I mean, part of it is klezmer, for crying out loud. Starts out with slinky dirty trumpet and just gets loose. Too fun. Great for that end- of- a- run sprint.

I really need to update my Books list, already. It’s way behind. This Kindle thing, it is a G-dsend.

Tomorrow, the bazaar- hopefully I’ll have pictures from that to post, as well as some picures of my Coriolis sock (the mate is nearly finished, hooray!) and the most recent handspun. I’m still considering the Victoria- I’m torn. I want to be able to live off of drop spindles, already, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Be well.

  One thought on “in which i indulge in my obsession for lists

  1. Melissa
    May 30, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Funny… I had the same experience this week. I was in NC, on a quiet, peaceful farm with nothing to do but ride horses, knit, and drink wine. But home is home, and I got ridiculously homesick after about 4 days. Like a 2nd grader at summer camp. And I breathed a little sigh of relief when I got back to my dirty, loud, sweltering city. Baltimore misses you too.

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