in which I confess

I know. I’ve been a horrible blogger, and not just because the stupid internet out here is HORRIBLE. (Gryphon- I’m just putting the images on disk, please send me your addy again? Uploading at any size you could actually use is not happening.) There will be an entry tonight, and pictures, too!

Also, another confession: I am not as strong as I thought. (No, I’m not coming home. Simmer down.) I am considering a Louet Victoria, the only wheel that can fit in my tiny, tiny room. Anyone have any reviews? Size comparisons? Know anyone who ships to APO, AE addresses?

More later, I promise.

  One thought on “in which I confess

  1. nicole
    May 28, 2008 at 7:34 am

    I was looking at the schacht ladybug… Seriously, I love the red wheel. But I think getting a drum carder or actually getting hand cards would be a much wiser purchase. but they don’t come with a red drivewheel. Dang.
    I tried out one louet wheel and could not get it to turn, it just swung left to right and back. And if I did get it to turn for a few times it’d suddenly start reversing direction, so I’m now convinced I’m not a louet kinda gal 😉
    That aside, I think most every supplier would ship to an APO/AE address, it’s like shipping inside the states isn’t it?

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