in which I review the week

It’s been lovely, this past week.

Thursday night, we went with our friend Will to see Eddie Izzard at DAR Constitution Hall in DC.

The acoustics at the hall were horrible, but it was fun nonetheless. He’s so brilliant. We barely missed out on “Cake or Death” t-shirts, but we’ll live.

Oddly enough, I’m going to miss the Metro.

Saturday we went to Maryland Sheep and Wool- my favorite holiday of the year! It was a perfect day. I don’t have pictures of my haul, funny enough, but I only brought home a wee bit anyways- some Brooks Farms, some sock yarn.

The shearer was there again! My hero crush continues, unabated.

There was funnel cake, too. That’s the real reason for any festival, after all!

In the evening, I went to Spinster Yarns for my knitting circle and it
was lovely. Funnily enough, I actually ended up buying some Dragonfly Fiber Designs sock yarn painted by the Sanguine Gryphon there, too- I totally could have done that at the festival,
or one of the many many times I’ve seen them both, but this just spoke to me that evening. I picked up the Scotland- it’s packed, so I can’t take a picture, but you can see an image of it over here. Destined to be a pair of Coliolis socks for me, damnit! (You can see what those look like at this Ravelry link.)

I’m still working on Kiddo’s socks, although I’m about three- quarters finished with the second one. I so want to have this pair finished for her before I get on the plane tomorrow night. I just think there’s a comfort to it, you know? Something about handknit socks just make hard times better. Besides, these are just so bright and cheery. They’re imperfectly perfect- a few mistakes, definitely, but overall cozy and fun.

Oh, and we saw Ironman! Despite all reservations, it was incredible. Probably not the thing to see before getting on a plane to Afghanistan, granted, but it was brilliant as far as mindless silly entertainment goes, and it’s the only comic book based movie I can think of that I’ve loved since the last Batman film. For the language geeks out there, the languages in the Afghanistan scenes were spot on– plenty of Urdu, Pasto, Dari, some Russian, and what I’m told was Hungarian (what do I know about Hungarian?). So fun.

Today we mailed all the last Great Yarn Giveaway yarns! As well as a package to my sister Boo and something for Jason in Iraq. Then we went to Tersiguel’s, my favorite French place, for an incredible lunch. Gorgeous gorgeous stunning oh damn food. I spent the afternoon knitting, napping, and reading Fables, then we headed to the Tastee Diner in Laurel, one of my other favorite places in Maryland.

Sorry for the grainy shot, there. I had to sneak a picture because I didn’t want to freak anyone out. I love the contrast between Tastee and Tersiguel’s.

It’s been a long goodbye, but it’s been lovely. I’m going to miss this. I can’t believe it’s time already. Damn, that happened fast, right? I can’t believe this is really happening.

  One thought on “in which I review the week

  1. Corrine
    May 6, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    I’m going to miss you on Saturdays. Stay safe!

  2. May 9, 2008 at 7:35 am

    You bought my yarn? You goof. I’d have sent you with an armload if I’d thought you wanted it.
    Oddly enough, someone else just bought some Scotland colourway from me to make Coriolis socks.

  3. May 12, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I saw that shearer too on Sunday. I think I have a crush as well…

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