in which there is a meme

Taken from the long- lost (but most happily re- found) typewriter

Show us your bible!


Everything I ever needed is in this book. Seriously. I’m on copy # 5 and just uploaded it to my Kindle, so I’m never without it.

What’s yours?

  One thought on “in which there is a meme

  1. nicole
    May 6, 2008 at 9:12 am

    I can’t believe you’re leaving tomorrow. Somehow bloglines wasn’t getting the feed or something and I just saw all the posts from the past week at once. Well, have a safe trip, enjoy your time there and update the blog because I’d really love to know how you’re doing.
    I wound the silk into a cake and man that was some work! But it’s sooooooo beautiful! I’ll need to take pictures of the cake, just because it’s so awesome. And once I’ve finished some other stuff I’ll start knitting something with the silk, but I still have no idea what….

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