in which I lay the blame

It’s all Jon’s fault.

I spent a few months working with this guy, Jon- long late 10 hour shifts. He introduced me to the Battle Pope comics, which are fun- like a box of blasphemous puppies, really. Once he had me hooked, he started bringing in Garth Ennis books- The Boys, mainly. That’s all it took. By the time he handed me Red Son (genius, genius, and I don’t even really get into Superman) it was all over.

I read comics when I was younger- in the 90s, mainly. I fell in love with an illustrator and the next thing I knew I was tearing through all his books- and his friends books- at record speed. As time went on, though, it fell off- mainly after Kiddo was born, because I was so broke.

Well, I’m catching back up, that’s for sure. My love affair with Batman really never died, and it’s bigger than ever; Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s books have fanned that fire for a while now. It’s funny- I have a little something stashed in my bag wherever I go these days. I’ll be in a meeting and an issue of Preacher will slip out of a pile of paperwork; I go to knitting at Spinster and find a book of Fables in the bottom of my knitting bag. Sam says there’s nothing worse than a comic book geek with a real job; he may well be right.

Except, possibly, a blogging comic book geek.

I can’t begin to explain how happy it has made me to re- discover this.

That’s it, really. I just wanted to share.

In other news, Mr. Greenjeans is coming along nicely- I’m well into the cabling now- and I’ve completed one of a pair of socks, the red/ yellow/ orange ones I’d messed up so badly from Happy Hour earlier this month. The pair is for Kiddo- a gift, before I leave- although I’m going to have to hustle if I want to get the other one done before Wednesday next week. Not too shabby, if I say so myself, although my kitchener stitch needs some work. There is also some spinning going on- falkland leftovers from when I custom dyed a yarn for the Giveaway, and some of a superwash merino and tencel blend I bought last week at Spinster on my spindle, all lovely grassy summer greens, destined to become socks.

Later tonight, the last Great Yarn Giveaway.

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