in which I fail to blend

Ever since I took the Afghanistan job, I’ve become a notorious flake. I’ve been "on standby" for four months now, which means I take my cell phone everywhere, I almost always answer the stupid thing, and at any time one of my bosses can call on me to take a short trip, a long trip, or do some sort of briefing activity.

There are pluses. When no one ever knows if you’ll go to anything, they’re always thrilled to see you- that’s pretty all right. It also makes it incredibly easy to take "me time": as long as my boss doesn’t actually call me, I can duck out of any social obligation without question. Oh, really- dinner with your annoying new boyfriend at some horrific Chinese place? Well, you know. If I can make it. I’ll do my best.

It’s not that bad, really, until your boss calls you at 5 pm on Tuesday and says, "Get your suit ready. Be at Manassas at 9 am tomorrow and be ready to give a presentation. You’re working a conference."


So Mick and I spent Wednesday in suits, shaking hands and taking business cards. It’s my least favorite part of the job. The suit I don’t mind- there’s something about wearing good wool and a pair of heels that makes me feel put together. I wore the good black wool, Mick showed up in his pinstripe and the two of us made quiet jokes to get through the day. We clean up well, but my dyestained hands and incredibly short fingernails (anything over 1/8 inch drives me nuts)- those give me away every time. I was counting how many people visibly reacted to my outstretched, blue- purple- black hands, but after the post- lunch wave I just lost count.

That said, working 11 hours on Tuesday is what made a day off on Friday possible for me, though. And that’s a fine thing. Sleeping in (!!!!!!!) and errands and knitting, all day. After this week, I need it.

My brother- in- law has been visiting from New Mexico for the past nine days. He’s lovely, and funny, and is living an interesting life as a teacher on a Navajo reservation in NM. It was great having him out- I love my husband’s family. They’re a raucous, rowdy, cheerful bunch. He came out to two Happy Hours, and it was great.

Still, I missed having my home to myself. I missed having space. I missed being grumpy. I missed stomping around in my boots in the morning, and sleeping naked, and silence, and not being "on" all day. I missed bralessness and spinning/ knitting madness on slow nights.


Currently on the needles: Mr. Greenjeans, in bulky merino. I love love love the color, although I wonder how good it will be on me. Truth be told, I don’t know how much I care. This green is gorgeous and the yarn is supersoft.

I have a severe WIP monogamy issue recently, to be honest. I have a sweater on the needles- that pinky- green one that I’m not so sure of. There’s also a single, sad, nearly- finished sock I’m working on, and two different fibers on the wheel. I don’t know what that’s all about. Oh- and I forgot- I’m working on a Verona shawl, too. I wish I could commit and just finish something, already. Still- hours and hours of knitting open to me, and all day tomorrow to do it.


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