in which the weekend is nearly over

It’s been a productive few days.

S, Kiddo and I cleared the sitting room- finally. 8 boxes of books to donate to the library- all lovely books, but we’re trying to live smaller, so anything that wasn’t reference or a definite re- read is headed to the library. The sitting room was absolutely full to the brim of boxes- and we’re finally through with it. There’s a room there now! Granted, there are still some boxes of books, but those are the books meant for that room, so it totally doesn’t count.

I re- hurt my back a little in the process, thinking I was Superwoman. I’d been told to take it easy about a week ago, and for some reason I thought it’d be okay to carry a box of books a short distance. Wrong! So I’m sitting in the living room, working on socks with a heating pad on my lower back. Oh, well. Still- I have all my knitting books again, as well as one missing WIP and I found my favorite Indian cookbook at the bottom of a box of shoes. (What were those movers doing?)

It’s so refreshing to walk through our new room! Sure, there’s still an ugly floor and the ceiling needs to be pulled down, but hooray, room! Lilu has been making laps of the house and insists on lying down right in the middle of the room.

Kiddo had a birthday party today, so S and I had a grownup day- date. We went out for a gourmet brunch, which we really should do more often- all the food, half the price. I nearly took pictures but I felt odd about it- didn’t want the staff to think I was reviewing, which is what I would have thought in their shoes. Spent the afternoon reading Batman (The Dark Knight Returns, for the umpteenth time) and knitting. It’s been good- productive and relaxing.

The silk yarns are drying tonight- I should have pictures tomorrow. I really enjoyed that experiment, actually. I was thinking about doing it again this week, but my boss tells me if I don’t go to Afghanistan this week, I’m headed to Arizona for a conference. Hell. Worst of all- my brother- in- law is coming out on Tuesday, and there’s a strong chance I’m not even going to be here for it. And he’s coming from New Mexico, for crying out loud- it’s as though we’re switching places. (Ok, I won’t be teaching history on a reservation, but geographically the idea is semi- solid.)

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting the pictures of the silk yarn- unless the recipients would rather it be a surprise? If so, please let me know now!

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