in which there is knitting

The Probability Cowlish Something is done! I’m wearing it right now, actually. It is amazing, how covering your neck- such a small bit of skin!- can make you feel so much warmer. It justifies all the movie- theater scarf knitting, for sure.

I don’t have what I’d consider a strong picture of it being worn- I keep missing the light. That said, here’s a picture of it on a counter. (I know. Exotic, right?)


I used a sport- weight yarn, and cast 84 stitches onto a 16 inch size 4 circular needle. (If you have a head that would be considered larger than "medium", you might want cast on 90 stitches, or maybe even 96.) I did a 2/4 rib- purl 2, knit 4. Every time I came to a "knit 4" section, I rolled a die; if I rolled a 6, I cabled. If I rolled anything else, I didn’t. I completely stole this idea from Priscilla’s Probability Sweater!  This works wonders to make something as simple and sometimes boring as a ribbed tube more interesting- I definitely see more probability knitting in my future.

I just cast on a pair of Thuja in Bearfoot last night. Bearfoot is my most recent yarn obsession. (Ravelry link, web link) I got a few skeins a while back and thought it was lovely, but at the time I wasn’t a sock knitter. When I was clearing through stash, I came across the skeins again and feel completely, hopelessly, helplessly in love. I’m knitting the Thuja in the Brick colorway, but I have a skein of a gorgeous slightly variegated copper colorway that I’m itching to make into a pair of Uptown Boot Socks (Ravelry, web). It’s  such a simple, clean pattern- I had looked at elaborate cabling, but I worry that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something that took so much work on my feet.

I’m also working on that sweater for my daughter, from forever and ever ago. This project was in WIP Hell for about 6 months. Don’t remember what I’m on about? I don’t blame you.


I’m having the hardest time staying motivated on this one. When I ordered the yarn, I thought the colorway would be the same as when I’d ordered it a few months before (Amatista, from The first version was so pretty-  all deep blues and purples with hints of green. This- this is pink. P-I-N-K. And a strange greenish- blue. It doesn’t show up very well in this photo, but there’s some serious strange- greenish- blue action going on in here.


I just… gah. I mean, it’s okay. And other people seem to like it, in person (although I suspect that they’re just being nice). It’s just not for me. Which is good- this sweater is not for me, it’s for Kiddo! It’s just hard to manage working on this. Also, the yarn is a singles yarn with a little too much twist, which creates a slight bias in the knitting that reminds me of when I used to knit incorrectly.

Still. It’s my first "I made it up by myself" sweater, and I want to finish it up. It’s going to be a wide- necked seamless raglan sweater, with any luck. I’ve never had anything knit in bulky yarn take me so damn long. I want to be done with it, already, so I can get working on the Tangled Yoke Sweater, which I’ve promised myself I will NOT start until I’ve finished this.

I really hope Kiddo likes this.

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