laceweight winners, today, and an annoucement

Congratulations to Allie and toriyarn, who both won a skein each of the Persephone laceweight!

toriyarn, could you please email me (or you can contact me at Ravelry!) and pass me your mailing address? I’d love to get this out to you as soon as possible.

While we’re on the subject of the Great Yarn Giveaway, though- I still need shipping info for the following Great Yarn Giveaway Winners: tibbers, who won the silk singles yarn (but only yesterday, so she still has time!), Stefanie, who won the Comfort handspun, and Avis, who won a skein of the blue cashmere- silk fingering weight yarn. If either of you read this- or if someone out there knows either of these people, please, tell them- I need your mailing address so I can give you your yarn!

The next Great Yarn Giveaway will be a little different, actually. I have two skeins of laceweight silk yarn, 2- ply, undyed. I bought a few to test it out, when I was considering adding the yarn as a line in my shop. It turned out to be more expensive at wholesale than I wanted to do at the time. I still have these two rogue skeins, though, and I was thinking I could custom dye them for people. I’ll put that up later tonight, actually, with all the rules.

Things here are good. Full of impatience, but good. I spent Sunday past at Gryphon‘s house, and I even got to see Kate! Gryphon had her monthly spin- in, which was lovely as ever. And it was good to be out in Easton again. I missed the last spin- in, and boy, I missed it, too.


It’s such a peaceful place. So peaceful, in fact, that I somehow found myself on a boat. I know. I know! I don’t do boats. Swim like a fish, ex- lifeguard, don’t do boats. I don’t get into natural bodies of water at all, actually. Sometimes, if I’m feeling terribly adventurous, I’ll put my toes in the ocean, but really, I like it more for looking at than for being in.

Still, I had a change to photograph Gryphon in a top knit out of her own yarn, and I couldn’t pass that up. How often does someone volunteer to be photographed, vs hiding from the camera? No images for sharing yet, other than the one posted below— those are going to Gryphon first, and I’m still fighting with a stubborn shadow. So- my point is- I got on the boat. Madness. Funny how with the right distractions even phobias don’t matter so much.

I spent the afternoon clearing out my fiber room, cooking, working on the kitchen. Reserving a dumpster! We have a dumpster coming on Thursday to clear out some plaster, ceiling tiles, brush. It looks like the spring cleaning bug hit me early this week, but that could just be a side effect of having a fixer- upper house. I never really thought I’d be excited about dumpsters, but I am. Oh, I am. Maybe, with a dumpster, I can reclaim my sitting room?  Right now it’s just all boxes. Still.

Tonight is about malmsey madeira wine (I found some! After years of searching, I found a bottle of Blandy’s in Laurel, Maryland. Go figure.)— also about knitting, and indulging Kiddo’s American Idol addiction. (So painful, although I do dig Simon.) Tonight is quiet and restful and hopefully, mildly productive, but only mildly.

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