Old Shale Smoke Ring, and other knitting


I meant to get an action shot, but I missed the daylight too many days running and to be honest, it is just too damn warm to wear this right now. (What gives, Maryland? This March is a rip.)

This is my Old Shale Smoke Ring (link, Ravelry link), by cosymakes. I loved making this. I loved using my own yarn to make this! The pattern is simple and the results are so lovely.

I’ve been working through  some of my one- off yarns lately, actually- knitting them up, not just giving them away! I just started a second cowl- ish project, using a sport- weight cashmere/ silk yarn from my Serendipity Fibers lot.


It’s a Probability… Cowlish… Something. (Actually, that’s sort of catchy. The Probability Cowlish Something.) It’s based off of the Probability Scarves I’d seen ages ago; you roll a six- sided die at each possible cable, and if you roll a 6, you cable there. I allow myself a little flexibility, so I don’t wind up cabling too close together, but overall I stick to the rules. A good example of this idea in practice on a larger scale is the Chaos Sweater, from Knitty; also Pricilla’s Probability Sweater. It’s a silly, whimsical way to knit, and I like the randomness of it.

There is other knitting happening; a swatch for a sweater design, some socks, the ill- begotten beginnings of a hat out of some handspun that really, really needs to be something else (although nothing else is coming to mind).  I’m trying to keep my knitting quasi- monogamous, for me- only two or three projects at a time, not including socks. In reality, that means I end up with about 6 thing going at once, but honestly, that’s pretty good for me.

  One thought on “Old Shale Smoke Ring, and other knitting

  1. March 15, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Cool! I love the probability hat…and somehow had never heard of anything like that. What a fun thing to knit up. I’ve got to go and check those links out. Fun! (And it looks great, too)

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