hooray for Emily!

We have (another) winner!

Emily has won the Socks That Rock yarn! Congrats. Emily- please contact me at my email address with your shipping information and I’ll get this out to you right away. What are you planning to make with this?

There will be another Great Yarn Giveaway later today; I just have to select the yarn. I have some handspun, some fiber, some laceweight, some worsted… what sounds good? Suggestions welcome.

I’m still here, by the way- of course, right? No movement yet. I try to be as patient and grateful as I can, but it is so challenging to have my life on hold for this long. I can’t commit to any plans. I think, it would be so good to head up North and see my sisters, but I could get called to fly out at any point- I don’t want to spend time away from S or Kiddo, and I need to be able to get to the airport on time for… well, whenever. I need to carry my cell phone- and answer it- at all times, and I hate hate hate the phone. It’s such a small, petty thing, but it drives me up the wall.

I knit, I spin, I work on socks and draw up sweater designs, I read Batman and Preacher and Wormwood, I watch the Twilight Zone, I go to work every day, and still, honestly: all I’m ever really doing is waiting.

  One thought on “hooray for Emily!

  1. nicole
    March 12, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Well, I’m all for the fiber lately, it being close to easter with all its chocolate and hard boiled eggs 😉
    I know about the waiting, not the same kind of waiting, but the long-distance-relationship kind of waiting, especially since he never told me when he’d be here or when he’d be leaving again. I hated that part!
    I hope you won’t be waiting too much longer before you find out when you’re actually leaving. Not that I want you to leave….

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