happy happy joy joy

We just found out that Kiddo got accepted to her first choice school- the Independence School, local 1, a public charter school.

This is the perfect place for her. They believe in using the world as a classroom, and follow a very unschooling- version of education. Their mission statement so closely reflects what we were doing when we were homeschooling her:

"Our mission is to cultivate practical and creative intellectuals  who
use the knowledge gained from smart conversations and debates; from
daily reading, writing and math; and from a wide variety of challenging
field experiences to reflect critically on their involvement in civic
life. The school embodies three principles: authentic learning through
the real world; dealing with children one mind at a time and providing
a forum in which students form a strong social identity with respect to
their history and their surroundings."

And from their philosophy statement:

"We believe that for some students, school is most effective when it is
tied to real life experience, real world constraints and a community of
conscientious adults.  Our school is organized around a few key adults
who develop trusting relationships with the students, who know them
well and over time.  It is organized around individualized learning
plans because students need a voice and ownership in planning their
futures as well as clear support in meeting performance expectations.
It is organized around demonstrated achievement rather than prescribed
course sequences.  It is organized around technology and taps the
potential of on-line learning.  It is organized around a commitment to
traveling, surviving and thriving in the City and in the Wilderness.
Finally, it is organized around strong local and citywide partnerships
recognizing that community commitment to youth is necessary for
students to achieve at high levels."

Thrilled is not the world. Forgive the brief entry- tonight is for the celebrating.

  One thought on “happy happy joy joy

  1. March 4, 2008 at 7:27 am

    That sounds like an awesome school.

  2. March 4, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    that’s awesome! I’m glad she got in, because it sounds great!

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