that was fast



I figured free yarn might be exciting to folks, but really, I had no idea. What an great response. That’s so awesome! I am really excited about this.

Later today, when I’m not on a lunch break, I have a ton of pictures from the last week, including the absolutely amazing sack of wool that showed up at my door from Windridge Fiber Farm. I participate in their adopt- a- sheep program (a pretty little English Leicester/ Border Leicester/ Salish mix  named Kelsey!) and the roving from her recent shearing arrived yesterday afternoon. It’ll make the most gorgeous sweater.

  One thought on “that was fast

  1. February 28, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    I didn’t want to comment again in the other post in case that’s cheating, but I wanted to say that I love the photo challenge, and also, I wanted to ask where your year out of country will be? (I’m a former Peace Corps volunteer and all about the ex-pat thing) (I guess I could keep reading and find out — and probably will!)

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