this week, thus far

It’s been a lovely week.

I spent the weekend doing some hard- core nesting. S and I finally
decided on a Plan for the bathroom, and ran out to the hardware store
for supplies; wainscot, chair rail, baseboards. A decision has finally
been made on color, too.


The plan is actually similar to this image funnily enough; that gorgeous slate paint, slightly off- white tile and wainscoting, deep walnut tones for the cabinetry, lots of light. I keep peeking at this picture and getting so excited.

I started spinning some silk on Saturday; I was in the mood for something soothing and sweet. I used a shockingly bright orange, indigo and purple top called "Merlot" from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks that I picked up at last year’s MD Sheep and Wool festival.


See that pic up there? It’s the one in the middle. On the wheel, it’s starting to look like this:




It’s not as thin as I’d like it to be, but I’m trying. I’ll navajo- ply this and use it for.. well, yeah. That’s the thing. I get myself into this with spinning all the time, actually; I spin things for their own beauty/ interest, not for some anticipated knitting. This is part of how I ended up taking on this yarn giveaway.

Still, it’s pretty and slippery and lovely to spin. I’m looking forward to plying it; my efforts with navajo- plying aren’t as reliable as I’d like, but it’s certainly more entertaining than making a 2- ply.

Speaking of fiber- check out this huge bag of roving that showed up in the mail yesterday!


This is from Windridge Fiber farm. I adopted/ sponsored a sheep there last year. I really enjoyed the experience, actually- Tami at the farm set me cards and updates on the sheep, but the best part for me was the wool after shearing season. The sheep I sponsored was a Border Leicester/ English Leicester/ Salish mix, and that was a big part of the draw; I was curious to see how that fleece would come out.I asked her to have it processed for me, as I don’t know how much time I have before I leave.


There are probably about 7- 9 pounds of roving in this bag- enough for something enormous, for certain. The wool itself is crimpy but still easy on the hands- just the right mix of strong and soft, with a good lustre. I’m planning to spin the fiber into a sportweight yarn, probably 2- ply, and turn it into a sweater… at least, in part. I mean, I have a lot more fiber than just one sweater, here, and no idea what to do with the rest. I’m considering spinning some of the remainder very fine and turning it into a shawl, but I think I’ll have to see how the sportweight holds up first.

And my monthly installment of Zen String’s Fiber Club arrived. I’ve been saving her rovings for my trip, mostly, but I think this one is going to get some immediate use; 5 ounces of superwash Merino that will be turned into socks. Emma apparently fell in love with this fiber, too.


Yeah, that look is cat for, Screw you, human. This is my softie. Back away. And really, I can’t say I blame her. It’s lovely stuff. There are greens in this roving, too, that aren’t showing in this picture. This will make some very fun socks, all Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook style.

And for Lene, who asked what a smoke ring is- it’s a circular, cowl- like piece of knitting, usually lace, that can serve like a scarf, neckwarmer, and sometimes a hood. I’m using the Old Shale Smoke Ring pattern (Ravelry link here, Cosymakes’ link here).  I’ve been using a  purpley-  gray  version of the silk- cashmere yarn I’m giving away in the first Great Giveaway post- fingering weight, handpainted.

I am about halfway through my smoke ring, and I love it; simple, a very easy lace pattern, clean lines. I took a picture of it this afternoon; it sort of looks like a hat here, but it’s really not- that’s just the needle.


And a closeup…


And this has gone on entirely too long; my family waits for me to watch Beowulf, which I sincerely hope won’t suck (but highly  suspect will). 

Tomorrow I’ll pick four winners for the Great Giveaway (1200 eastern time!) and put up the new yarn- good luck, for those who are playing!

  One thought on “this week, thus far

  1. February 29, 2008 at 8:44 am

    That smoke ring is really pretty.
    I think the adopt a sheep idea is so cool! If I was a spinner, I would totally go for it.

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