hooray for making things!

I received my January installation of Zen Fiber’s monthly fiber club- 5 oz of a gorgeous 80/20 Merino/ Tussah silk blend that I’m spinning into a 2- ply. Amazing stuff, warm red-browns.


It’s not the best picture in the world, but the colors are very true. I’m loving this- so autumn-y.

Some recent dyeing, as well: cashmere and silk blend fingering weight yarn.



The blue is probably going to be a wrap; the black and violet will be a smoke ring. I am so enjoying dyeing for myself alone. The black and violet was a complete accident, but a happy one; I have to ration it, as I can never re- create the stuff.

I have oodles of things in plastic sacks, waiting for later knitting in Afghanistan. Simple things, mindless, thoughtless, perfect for sitting around fires and smoking a hookah. It’s lovely, in its way.

Side note: Jason’s last Happy Hour for the year was a lovely one; Jason, Dawn, Will, Ruth, Sam and myself. The conversation was ridiculous and wonderful. I’ll miss it.


(The action shot.)

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