At our dental exams…

At our dental exams...

Reading articles in kids’ animal magazines in the waiting room. J got
his first cavity ever, and we’re all eating candy waiting for the others
to finish up.
And that is that, really- no other hoops to jump through. We are
cleared; we are a go.

Tomorrow, we sleep in late (after a week of 0630-
ish formations), then we hit Ranger Joe’s, then off to the airport.
It looks like I leave in about 1, maybe 2 weeks- I will be training a
new team member until then. I’m headed to Iraq first for about 3 weeks;
after that I may come home for a few days, but I’m fighting to go from
Iraq straight to Afghanistan- I just want to tuck in and roll.
It is so good to be able to  sort- of plan again. Ish.

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