of course I’m still making things

With everything that’s going on these days, I’d lose my mind if I weren’t still in some sort of creative process. Since closing the business I have pounds of base yarn and fiber laying around— I’ve been playing. It’s liberating; without having to worry about what might sell, I am free to make the most questionable colorways. Example: a repeat of a far earlier colorway called Sea Stars— a possibly ill- advised mixture of purples and oranges. It’s just fun.


I think the purple should have been blue-er, but whatever.


It’s on the bobbin now, in worsted singles. I’m considering plying the stuff up into a superbulky- I could make a truly horrific hat out of this, I think, something fun and nubbly. I’m thinking about it.

I’ve been trying to spin my way through some scraps, too. I had been holding on to about 3 oz of assorted merino/ silk rovings I’d tried dyeing silver but which never came out as planned- one seemed almost- scorched (but spun up perfectly, so it was probably just poor handling), one extra light, etc. I hated working with this, to be honest- I hated everything about making this yarn, especially one bit that was riddled with neps, damnit- but incredibly, I am really digging the results. I ended up with a light DK weight yarn– very light, but not slender enough to be fingering weight.


I have zero idea what I’ll make out of it, but it’s gratifying to get something I enjoy after the general unpleasantness of spinning this.


I’ve also been dyeing, of course. I have a few pounds in and on the oven right now, actually. I made some amazing lavender/ black fingering weight cashmere/ silk recently, but the stuff refuses to photograph at all— it comes out looking brown no matter what light I use, and it is definitely not brown. Not at all. I’m not used to being bested by yarn- I always get my colors!  No internet fame for that batch, then.

I have a few bunches of this blue- black, too- I’m using a bit of it in a pair of Dashing right now, actually. I can’t help but think I’ll be wanting that kind of luxury when I get to Afghanistan; I’m actually bringing a fair bit of cashmere/ silk out there with that in mind. I can at least knit for myself and my team out there.


I’m really loving this dyeing- just- for- me thing. I should do more of it when I re- start the business, I think.

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