Hooray for snow!

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Hooray for snow!, originally uploaded by sarah.eyre.

Maryland finally came through! 5 points, at least. I’m hoping for more this weekend. There are more pics over at my Flickr site.

In the meanwhile, everything is moving slower than ever. One branch of our customer company is screaming to have us over there, while another branch has us wrapped up in red tape and paperwork.  I’ve stopped stressing over it now, because we’ve finally gotten just about everything in line for the trip— which means now I’m all about getting gear, training, and… well, relaxing.

I’ve been dyeing a lot– for myself, which is a strange but lovely switch. I’ve dyed some yarn for an Inga Hat, as well as some fingering weight cashmere/ silk for a pair of Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts, as well as some accidentally fantastic fingering weight for cowls/ neckgaiters. No pictures, I know- not yet, because I left my camera at work. (WTF? I never ever ever bring my camera to work, and now I know why.)

Tomorrow we three run to Sunny’s so I can grab some gear, then off to an eyebrow appointment with Kiddo- my, how grown- up we have gotten. Next week, the haircut. This girl stuff, it’s refreshing- a kind of bonding I didn’t get with my mother, mainly because she just couldn’t afford the expense or the time. (Also- my mother had stick- straight hair, so she never really had any idea what to do with my hair, or where to bring me for help; her answer was to just keep trying to brush the stuff into submission.)

Thank goodness for a long weekend.

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