on wild goose chases

I’m desperately seeking out some new yarns- in particular, the new Manos silk blend, to make myself a Koolhaas hat. Tomorrow we head to Ikea, and then to Rockville to visit Woolwinders. I’m a hopeful girl.

Training now, while we wait for visas; I’m not in country yet, which is a huge surprise to all of us. We’re hoping for next week. The waiting is the worst part. We share our language skills, our fears, our worries. We laugh a lot. I read comic books and lay curled into S at night, running through my packing list, fantasizing about a year in which I own next to nothing: boots, basic clothing, an iPod and a laptop, conditioner and oil for toiletries, a vial of lavender oil as a luxury, a tiny stash of fiber and interchangeable needles.

I have stopped saying goodbye to everything all the time, which is a massive relief.

Things are good.

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