The stress of getting all these things done so quickly is a killer. Worse is the uncertainty- the lack of a firm schedule. Some of this comes with the business- all these things to do, the short notice. Some of it- the worst of it- come from my company not having sent people over from our location before- that causes a lot of confusion, mostly for us. I hate pioneering processes- I hate the phrase, "pioneering processes".


It might seem harsh, but I’m waiting for this to be over— all this rush, all this bother, all this stress. I’m waiting to be at the airport, bag in hand. I’m waiting to be in bed in a war zone so that I can get my head down and get to the business of getting this done.

I’m tired of writing mental lists of what I’ll miss. I’m tired of thinking goodbye every time I see the people I love. I just want to get on this already; I just want to get a start on the finishing.

Tomorrow, the State Department! Hooray for lunch in D.C., at least, and knitting on the Metro.

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