in which I am a day too late, but really, let’s just get back to it already

Kiddo is home in Baltimore again and we have begun trying to return to our normal daily lives, too. I’ve spent the last month running up and down the East Coast, which has had me thinking a lot about travel, space, and especially this country; how we are built of regions, all of these spaces and cultures which are can…

this past month, as a brief playlist

There’s nothing I can say about the month of June except that we are through it. I can’t say that I am particularly happy that we are, but I am glad to see July, with its heat and showy national holiday; it’s a distracting, cleansing, just- over- the- mid- point bit of the year that at least allows me the…

good list

in which there are small comforts

Despite keeping ties to New England over the years, I think I’d forgotten just how beautiful the summers here are. I’ve been double- checking with friends over the last week, just to reassure Sam (and myself) that it really is going to keep being this good. Folks who’ve grown up here and stayed tend to meet these questions with a…


we all know which side we’re on

In truth, I haven’t felt terribly inspired this week. I’ve felt sad, and nostalgic, angry, and a little frightened. Mostly sad. I have spent the week thinking about some of the places that shaped me in my twenties- the Rainbow Room (which closed so long ago they don’t even have a page, damnit), the Lighthouse, my stray nights at the…


in which there is anticipation (and pizza)

The crickets are out and the dogs are fed; the cats are quietly pushing at their bowls in the corner of the kitchen, trying to manifest more food now that they’ve finished the clearly inadequate dinner I just gave them. My hands smell like cedarwood oil: I’ve been dabbing it on my spindles and needles this afternoon, along the hoosier…


in which there is more of this palette business

I know, there was no List last Friday. Not for a lack of Very Good Things, either, but more that I was spending my day in the midst of them and got a little carried away. Friday was for family, and then the weekend became terribly exciting, and so now here we are. This week’s List will just be a…


in which I’m playing hooky

I should be at work right now, but work tonight is coloring in some grown-up coloring books, so I think sneaking out to post a little color inspiration is okay. Feeling nostalgic and mellow tonight. I’d say more, but there’s just so much coloring to be done, friends. Later, though. Always later. Also, can anybody believe it’s June tomorrow?


in which there is a list of Very Good Things

Sam’s brought home pizza so that we don’t have to turn on the oven, so brevity is key, but here’s a quick List of Very Good Things to tie up a warm but lovely week. Plans for the evening include a little embroidery, some grown- up coloring, and poking through a trail app my friend Dave showed me that has to be…


in which there is nothing to fear

I’ve always loved the doctrines of impermanence and emptiness. They are confounding, confusing, and incredibly direct, going right to the heart of our deepest fears, finding our soft spots and pressing them, pressing us and asking us to fully live in this present moment, to realize the immediate. It’s a challenge, but a welcome one.


in which there is a list

I’ve been thinking of adding back my lists of Very Good Things on Fridays– something to finish up the week, a bit of reflection. I recently came across the notebook I used to keep the lists in- a gift from my friend Katey J- and I miss the practice. It keeps getting search hits so it’s obviously something I need to…


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