in which there is an address!


Stopped by our local Post Office this afternoon to chat and renew my P.O. box. Who wants a pen pal?


P.O. box!

I have a P.O. box like a grownup!

in which we have a month of letters

So I’ve been working on this post about a meditation technique I wanted to share with everyone, but that’s still in the hopper— it’ll have to hold. Instead, I wanted to tell you guys about this thing I’m doing. It’s actually all Marianne‘s idea, and it’s AWESOME, and you should DO IT WITH US.

Right. I’m excited. Who can tell, though, really?

It’s called A Month Of Letters. Who doesn’t miss real mail? Not fliers, not gas bills, but letters, post cards, honest- to- goodness mail. Once upon a time I was a prodigious letter- writter. Fancy stationary gave me the shivers and a pen with the perfect pen nib was a subject I could argue over for hours but I’d take a legal pad and a mechanical pencil in a pinch, too— I wasn’t a snob. As long as there as a LOT of paper to write on, I really didn’t give a damn. I still have most of the letters I’ve received over the years, bundled up by sender and year; I don’t keep many things, but those, they’re like gold to me.

Here’s how it works: every day that the post is running, you send out a piece of mail to someone- a card, a letter, an Easter egg stuffed with goodies that you’ve covered with some stamps and an address, it’s your call.

I love you, T.

T, I love you.


Sam and I are headed to STITCHES West in a few weeks, which means another cross- country road trip. Part of my Month Of Letters includes sending Marianne some of the WORST postcards I come across, which sounds like it’ll be easy, but trust, every time I set myself one of these challenges, they’re always harder than I thought they’d be. We’ll see.

Anyway, my point: it’s not too late to get in on this, or even take it on next month. Want me to send you a letter or a postcard? Send me your address and I’ll write you. I’ll be packing a metric ton of stamps to take along on this trip, and all my favorite pens, but I’ll be sure to grab some of those mechanical pencils, too. I can’t promise what sort of mail you’ll get- or how legible it’ll be, I might be writing it in a van as we’re winding our way through Utah, who knows?- but I promise you’ll get mail, and mail with heart.

Who’s in?



from the window of my office in the studio

a very friendly kraken

That’s all.

in which the raffle is performed, with many (mostly ridiculous) photographs

Garrett’s project, Beyond The Light, received 102% funding on Kickstarter! The project closed on his birthday- and I think this was one of the nicest presents he could have received.  Thank you so, so much to everyone who helped to make this happen- to everyone who donated, to everyone who tweeted, or passed the message along Facebook- thank you.

102% funded, everyone! That's amazing!

And so: as promised, Sam and I sat down with a camera and we had the raffle for the four skeins of Gaia Fingering in Little Round Top. We brought in a little help, too.

He was a very, very little help at times, actually

At first, Hugo was more interested in the cats than in helping us pick names from the funny hat. He came around, though.

inspecting the slips

First he inspected all the slips, to make sure they were all in order.

inspecting the hat

Then Hugo inspected the silly hat. (Remember, we specifically said the names had to be drawn from a silly hat! This was the silliest we had on hand.)

I feel like a steampunk version of Blossom.

Then I inspected the hat. It seemed to be mostly in order.

I think we're ready to do this thing.

Then we were ready to start drawing names!

I think Hugo's trying to read the card in this photo.

Our first lucky winner is Lilie W.- thank you so much, and congratulations!

Winner #2!

Our second winner was Tan S.! Thank you for the support, and congratulations!

Winner #3!

The third winner is Emily W.! Thank you, Emily, and congratulations!

Winner #4!

The fourth and final winner is Barbara H.- thank you so much!

After that, things got a little silly…

Originally, I tried to put the goggles on Hugo, but he was having none of that.

… but eventually, Hugo got the treat he’d earned.

He can stand like this forEVER. It's creepy, especially when he's wearing a sweater.

As it turns out, I have a mailing address for everyone except Emily- so Emily, I’ll be emailing you tonight to ask for a mailing address, and everyone else, I’ll be shipping out your skeins on Monday!

Thank you again, everyone!

beyond the light

{ETA: If you donate and you’d like to be added to the raffle, please send me an email at!}

My talented brother- in- law- to- be, Garrett Sendlewski, works as an animator & is working on a short film called Beyond The Light. He’s asking for pledges for funding in exchange for production credits, film props, etc.

Gaia Fingering Yarn in Little Big Top

Rather than ask everyone here to run on over and pledge to Garrett’s film, I dove into my stash and came up with this: four skeins of long- discontinued Gaia Fingering in Little Round Top. (Little Round Top is the Starry Night Cracker equivalent.) I’ll be raffling off these skeins to help raise money for Garrett’s film. THIS YARN IS COMPLETELY DISCONTINUED, FOLKS. You can’t get it anywhere- it just plan doesn’t exist anymore!

And so: if you want to make a pledge to Garrett’s film, you can do so by clicking right here!

If you make a pledge for any amount at all: THANK YOU!

If you pledge $25 or more, forward a copy of your receipt to me at, and every $25 you pledge gets you an entry in the raffle for one these skeins of Gaia Fingering. There are FOUR skeins here, so there are four chances to win, everyone!

I’ll be running the raffle until either Garrett hits full funding (as of right now, he’s at about 1/3 of the way there) or 11:00 pm EDT on November 15th. All entries will be drawn via the extremely scientific method of paper slips being drawn from a hat. It’s just like science, except nothing like science at all! How exciting! How thrilling! How absolutely worth $25 to watch!

I also promise that if Garrett gets full funding, I will photograph the entire paper- slips- in- a- hat- process, with me in the photographs, and post the photos. PICTURES OF ME ON THE INTERNET, people. We all know how much I hate that. This is how much I’d like to see Garrett’s movie made.

So, if you have a moment, take a look. I know times are tough, so don’t feel pressured, but if you have a few dollars to spare, help my friend and brother- in- law- to- be— that makes him the man who makes my baby sister happy, making him a Very Important Guy in my world— help him make his film. It would be nice, and it would make him happy, and maybe you might win some lovely, pretty rare yarn out of it, too.

Thanks, everyone.

on integrity

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” -John Locke

the 28th list of Very Good Things

Broken out in Flickr, as ever.

Rhinebeck was amazing. We received a last- minute invitation to vend and Gryphon, the elves and I threw everything we could find into the SG van and ran off to New York to have a mini- adventure.

It was completely unexpected and absolutely fantastic. I find Maryland autumns to be a little lackluster, and every few years I need a trip back north to get a real jolt of fall. This was exactly what I needed.

We had a fantastic time meeting old friends, new friends, and our wonderful helpers, who were there at set- up, tear- down, and for all the cocoa, coffee, and artichoke runs. I can’t wait to do this show again next year.

In other news, there are other things, but that’s for another post. I keep saying that, don’t I? I mean to prioritize this blog more- to make writing at all a priority- and yet I keep getting distracted. I’m trying, Internet. I’m trying.


” I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.’ ” -Kurt Vonnegut

on leisure and comfort

I am suddenly possessed with the strongest need to quilt.

small quilt for julia, originally posted by uzbeckistan

I’m interested in shapes, textures and negative space- and while I admire the traditional quilting, it’s just not where I am. I’ve been digging up images of “whole quilting”- not that I know anything about it, I just love the look of it.

Whole quilting

Whole quilt in natural light, originally posted by milele

I mean, isn’t that gorgeous? All texture and pattern makes me need a serger like whoa. My goal for this year is to have something for our bed by the end of the year. Gauging from some of the blogs I’ve been reading on quilting, it might actually take that long. It’ll be worth it. Take a look at some of the quilts on Shiner’s View blog, they’re just amazing. I want those on my everything.

Neutral quilt, originally posted by Shiners view

Sam questions the whole thing- my need for another hobby. Lately, knitting seems all about business- knitting this for a design, knitting that to test possible new colorways, knitting samples out of potential future yarn bases from the mill, knitting myself a sweater out of a color we’re putting out in fall or winter. It’s all work, and while I love it, I need something I can make that isn’t about the business. I need something else, something very removed, something just for myself.

Spinning helps: I spin more lately, although I so rarely knit with my own handspun. I should start a handspun yarn swap; I love knitting with someone else’s spinning. Anyone want to trade handspun? I have a 4 oz skein of gorgeous worsted cormo that needs to be knit up by someone, soon. It’s been languishing in my utility room for far, far too long.

Quilting works for me because it joins together pieces of what appeals to me in all of my crafts- the space and composition of photography, the texture and tactility of knitting, the color sense of dyeing, all rolled up into something I can lay over the people I love when they are sick or sleeping. Quilting also relates to the concept of creating things of use and beauty that I love about knitting and spinning.

Now all I need quilting to do is to bake fresh, whole- grain breads for me and it’s 100% perfect.

currently making me happy

A goblin of my own

A goblin of my very own, from Goblin Road. (Shortcut to their shop here.) He needs a name, of course. Currently considering: Gilbert, Thornfield, Hareton, Jude, and Farfrae. (My Vic lit obsession, it is eating up my year.) I'm open to other ideas, of course. Suggestions/ votes? He'll be in Atlanta at Stitches South with us, in case you need to see him in person to make up your mind. 


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